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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We got bored!

Okayyy, so we changed our layout AGAIN. We got really bored with the old one. What do you guys think of this one? Hehe. We know it's totally different from our previous layouts. But we bet we'll get bored with this one someday. LOL.

Peace out!
We Heart Sundays

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ciao Ola Gutentag Konnichiwa Sawadeeka Namaste

Like we promised, here is our fourth batch! This time it is something different from our previous batches. We bring to you from back-to-basic, casual, simple to the edgier look. It is definitely something you wouldn't want to miss! Clock is ticking, work on the mouse now and happy shopping!

We Heart Sundays

*** Accessories are not included unless stated otherwise
*** Colours of the clothes in these selected photos are the closest to its original

Friday, January 16, 2009

Mars Volta

Name: Mars Volta (Available only in Gold)

Price: RM53

Available in: Black(SOLD!), Gold & Grey-ish Green(SOLD!)

Material: Soft PVC-like

Description: This jacket gives you an edgy look, perfect for those who are daring. Kind of like futuristic too, no? Definitely to die for.

Fits: UK6 - UK10

Indie-ya (SOLD OUT!)

Name: Indie-ya

Price: RM50

Available in: Beige(SOLD!) & Grey(SOLD!)

Material: Soft, suede-like material

Description: This vest is so chic, it gives you the whole boho look! And the studs are hand-sewn to perfection.

Size: Up to UK12

Electro-cardie (SOLD OUT!)

Name: Electro-cardie

Price: RM30

Available in: Hot Pink (SOLD!) & Electric Blue (SOLD!)

Material: Err..we're not so sure. It's thin and stretchable.

Description: Check out the electric colours on these cardies! Cool colour combination huh? It's either you button, unbuttoned or tie it up - it will still look good.

Fits: UK6 - UK10

Back to Black

Name: Back to Black

Price: RM40

Available in: Black only

Material: Cotton

Description: A second version of Audrey's Dress like we used to have. But that's a vintage and this is brand new!

Fits: UK6 - UK10

Chasing Butterflies (SOLD OUT!)

Name: Chasing Butterflies

Price: RM48

Available in: Black(SOLD!), Green(SOLD!) & White(SOLD!)

Material: Cotton

Description: Simply gorgeous! Those fluttery sleeves are just unique, it's definitely an eye catcher.

Size: UK6 - UK10

Hedwig (SOLD OUT!)

Name: Hedwig

Price: RM28

Available in: Peach(SOLD!) & White(SOLD!)

Material: Cotton

Description: Loose fitting tops don't make you look selekeh anymore. Wear it off-shoulder if you'd like. Pair it with leggings, skinny jeans or shorts, and you're off to go!

Fits: UK6 - UK12

Balloon Fantastic (SOLD OUT!)

Name: Balloon Fantastic

Price: RM35

Available in: Peach (SOLD!) & Light Blue (SOLD!)

Material: Cotton

Description: What more can we say...this adorable t-shirt comes with a vintage-looking heart shaped necklace. Go crazy and wear it with coloured leggings, or whatever you think will look good!

Fits: UK6 - UK10

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Hey shoppers!

We are sooooo sorry for not updating for quite some time. Been really busy with our tight schedules. But don't worry, you guys are still our main priority :) So, we took the time off to hunt for new clothes! And now we're back! We'll be filling up this blog with super-awesome-brand-new-you-will-fall-head-over-heels pieces soon! Who knows, maybe by this weekend? Keep a look out! :P

We Heart Sundays