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Saturday, February 14, 2009


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Okay, so we're back yet again with our latest arrivals. We have tights this time! Yayy! And printed tops as well :) So anyway, you know the drill, as usual..fill in the form or email us for enquiries. Can't wait to hear from you guys! Happy shopping!

We Heart Sundays

P/S For those who have been asking us to restock Mars Volta, we are terribly sorry that it's totally out of stock :( But who knows, maybe they might have it again in the near future..then we will definitely restock for you guys cause we love it too :)

*** Accessories are not included unless stated otherwise
*** Colours of the clothes in these selected photos are the closest to its original

Poppy & Junebug (SOLD OUT!)

Name: Poppy & Junebug

Price: RM48

Available in: Black (SOLD!) & Grey (SOLD!)

Description: A cardigan with sleeves and back part that are made of something like fleece. While the front part, plus the pockets are made of glittery material (we're not sure exactly what it is) :) The sleeves are sort of like butterfly sleeves and it's cuffed.

Fits: Up to UK12

Pollie Baker (SOLD OUT!)

Name: Pollie Baker

Price: RM30

Available in: Cream (SOLD!), Grey (SOLD!) & Black (SOLD!)

Material: Satin & Chiffon

Description: A skirt that is very young and chic. And it has two front pockets!

Fits: Up to UK8

London Calling (SOLD OUT!)

Name: London Calling

Price: RM36

Available in: (Restocked) White (SOLD!), Mustard Yellow (SOLD!) , Grey (SOLD!) & Purplish Blue (SOLD!)

Material: Cotton

Description: Printed image of London's Southampton Row & Subway - very classic. Oversized and off-shoulder top with butterfly sleeves!

Fits: Up to UK14

Blazer Printed Tee (SOLD OUT)

Name: Blazer Printed Tee

Price: RM36

Available in: Grey (SOLD!) & White (SOLD!)

Material: Cotton

Description: Awesome t-shirt with a blazer printed onto the front. It has short cuffed sleeves, quirky and fun for daily outings! No accessories needed :)

Fits: Up to UK10


Tights 1 (left)

Price: RM20

Available colours: (Updated) Purple (RESERVED) & Black (SOLD!)

Material: Thick cotton with striped textures (note: it is not a plain kind of tights, email us if u need a close up photo)

Fits: Up to UK10

Tights 2 (right)

Price: RM16

Available colours: Black only (1 more left!)

Material: Lace

Fits: Up to UK10

Tights 3 (left)

Price: RM18

Available colours: Grey only (SOLD!)

Material: Thick cotton (hole cut out under the heel)

Fits: Up to UK8

Tights 4 (right)

Price: RM18

Available colours: Brown (SOLD!) & White (1 more left!)

Material: Cotton (hole cut out under the heel)

Fits: Up to UK10


Yeap, yeap. New arrivals at 11pm!

See ya later, alligator! :)